Drop Off Service

Upon arrival a welcoming employee will be a guide through our recycling center by first entering the customer’s information into our secure database to create or update an account. Next our trusted employees will assist in identifying the different materials and then properly educating the customer on how to separate them for maximum profit.
Certified forklift and crane operators are available to assist with unloading any exceptionally heavy materials. Once the materials are separated they will then be weighed accordingly. During this process the weights of the recyclables are entered into the account to generate a receipt with a detailed list describing the various weights and prices. The receipt is then printed and verified allowing the customer to continue to the ATM service.  The receipt has a barcode containing the grand total that the recipient scans.  
Then to receive cash payment, a signature is required to verify that the recipient is agreeing to the full service terms and conditions.  Depending on how large the grand total of a receipt may be, a check can be issued or requested for payment. Destruction certifications and validation certificates may be provided upon request. 

Pick Up Service

Whether it’s a large or small amount see how we can be of assistance!
Call in to speak with one of our schedulers or complete the form to quickly send in a request!

Our container drop off / pick up service is available to deliver to your location. Upon delivery you have a return time of 30 days from the day it was delivered. Once the container is picked up your material is weighed and printed out for payment.
Our facility is always ready with a fast automated cash dispenser. You can also revive a check onsite or by mail available upon request.

Pick Up Gallery

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