Go Green with Paz Metals

Paz Metals has set out to be the new revolutionized recycling center by processing all materials in a safe and secure building. By processing all of the materials indoors, we can assure that the environment around us stays in the upmost pristine condition. Every customer that we serve gives back to the community by keeping thousands of pounds of metal out of the landfills and helping the environment one step at a time. With every transaction we come closer to reaching our goal of changing the way everyone recycles their materials. This helps us truly show the world what a scrap recycling center should really look like.

What we DO NOT accept

Whole oil tanks, propane tanks, TV’s, computer monitors, LCD screens, trash of any kind, tires, and anything containing freon, oil, gasoline, mercury, or propane. The last five items must be removed before recyclables are brought into the facility.

What we Accept - (Click on an item to see an image)