What Can Be Recycled
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Wire
  • Circuit boards
  • Catalytic converters
  • Batteries
  • Computer hardware

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recycled materials

who we are

Paz Metals Inc. scrap recycling center is the new way to recycle your metals. We at Paz Metals Inc. have worked hard to make your visit to our center a clean, quick, and friendly experience. Unlike today’s typical “junkyard” our clean concrete pads assure that you are not to leave with any damage to your vehicle. We have a ready to go staff that is accustomed to assist you with almost any of your needs and find you the best deal for your recyclables. With our up to date prices and computerized checkout system we strive to keep our clients at the top of our list.


law enforcement partner

The facility is under a 24 hour surveillance system so if any issues were to come to our attention we are happy to rewind and unwind your problems. With our new computerized system we are able to keep track of any materials that come through these gates by scanning every individuals I.D. This checkout process also helps aid our local law enforcement find any stolen material that has been reported.